Small Space Gardening Series 

Have you ever wanted to try to grow your own food, but you have limited space? I'm here to help. The Small Space Gardening Series will show you how to grow lots of food in a small area, whether it be on a patio, balcony or a small backyard. 

This series will consist of seven videos that you can follow along with.


Video one - This will be an intro video, I will talk about small space gardening, give you ideas on where it should be and what you should use to grow your veggies. 

Video two - I will show you how to plant seeds and different ways to start them. 

Video three - This will be an update on seedlings and how to care for them, fertilizing and how to prevent pests like fungus gnats. 

Video four - I will show you how and when to transplant your seedlings. 

Video five - I will discuss what succession planting is, watering and more about fertilizing. 

Video six - This will be another update video to see how our plants are doing. 

Video seven - By this time, we may be harvesting somethings, like lettuce, radishes and peas. Those grow fairly quickly. 

If you'd like to participate, send me an email. I will choose two people for the series, and I will provide you with complementary seeds which will include: 

  • Butterbush Squash (a compact butternut squash)

  • Tom Thumb Peas (a compact pea variety)

  • Tiny Tim Tomato (a compact tomato variety)

  • Radishes 

  • Tom Thumb Lettuce (a compact lettuce variety)

  • Crimson Forest Onion (small onion variety)

  • Space Master Cucumber (a compact cucumber variety)

  • Small Wonder Spaghetti (a compact spaghetti squash variety)

If you have questions in between video postings, and you need a little extra help, feel free to shoot me an email

Here are some things you will need

Grow Light

Seed Starting Mix

Seedling Trays

Potting Mix


Planter (this one is optional, choose whatever planter will work for your space. I have four of these. I will be using one for the series)