Your Blog Can Bring In Money And Free Products

Before I started blogging, I would see bloggers on social media talking about making money from their blogs. At the time, it didn't really interest me but I was a bit confused at how someone could make money blogging. I even saw them getting free products, which I knew I was already able to do. I have been a business owner for quite some time now, so I know how that works. It's usually an exchange of services.

Once I started blogging myself, I became more interested in how I could make money from it. But how? Where do I start? Who do I contact? Well, I began to do some research and it all started to make sense. Soon, I not only started getting free products, I started getting paid!

Free products

If you're a blogger, your chances of getting free products is better than a person who doesn't blog. But there are a few factors you need to consider. If you don't have a large following on social media, your chances are low, however; if you don't have a large following, it's best to contact small companies and companies who are just starting out. They are more willing to give you something for free, in exchange for a product review on your blog and posts on social media. The bigger following you have, the better. Although I often times contact companies to try products, I also have companies contact ME because of the large following I have on my Facebook page. A large following lets them know that their product(s) will be seen by lots of people.

There are also companies who will give you free products AND pay you for a product review. I won't say how much I was paid for this particular review, but I got a nice chunky check for it and lots of products!

2 cosmetic bags

2 hair brushes

6 month supply of SugarBearHairVitamins


draw string bag

2 hair ties

Note: SugarBearHair was NOT the company who paid me, it was a third party company, so please do not contact SugarBearHair. The third party company contacted ME, I did not contact them. Also, whether I get paid or not, my reviews are truthful. I do not pretend I like a product just because I got paid for it or got it free. Companies understand that there is a chance that the review won't be a positive one.

Aside from getting products from companies, there are programs you can sign up for to get free products based on the information on your profile when you sign up. These are all programs that I have personally gotten products from.

Influenster - Based on your profile, you can qualify for Voxboxes with products like food, beauty, baby and more. Sign up!

Smiley360 - You will get emails with new missions. You fill out a short questionaire, and based on your answers, you will be accepted...or not. I've gotten things like vitamins, tampons, Goldfish crackers and more. Sign up!

PinchMe - This is also based on your profile and they only have products available once a month. There's a countdown on the site telling you when to expect the next product availability. You log in and see if you qualify to get products that month. I have gotten toothpaste, aquaphor products, gum and more. Sign up!

Crowdtap - You complete missions/tasks and apply for product testing. The quicker you are, the better because missions for products fill up. You will get an email telling you if you were approved or not. I've got to test lots of products, Silk protein nut milk, mascara, Mrs. Meyers body wash and many others. Sign up!

Generation Good - Seventh Generation send you their products to try and review. So far, i have received detergent a few times and wipes. Sign up!

BzzAgent - BzzAgent is ok, I've been signed up since December/January of 2016 and have only tried 3 products, Garnier Whole Blends shampoo and conditioner, V8 Energy and FebrezeONE air freshener (came with 3 cans). It's worth it because you get good products, but don;t expect to get products all the time. Sign up!

House Party - I love this site, you get to sign up to host parties with your friends and family. I got to host a Oreo party (came with coupons for free oeros, cups a game and oreo headbands), Kikoman party (came with a $25 gift card, 12 kikoman shirts, kikoman tongs and coupons for free kikoman products), Stride Rite party (I got a free pair of shoes and my box came wit h 10 coupon codes for free shoes, hats and games to play), Burt's Bees Protein Shake party (came with cups, protein packs and big container of protein powder) and a 7Up party (came with cups coupons for free 7Up 12 pairs of sunglasses and a insulated bag). Each party pack comes with a ton of cool stuff. Sign up!

Making Money

Now, on to the money making part of blogging. As I mentioned before, companies may be willing to pay you for reviews. But sometimes, it's hard finding those companies, and that's where affiliate marketing comes in. But there is more to affiliate marketing then just signing up, in order to make money, you need to actually PROMOTE the products. Before I give you tips on how to do that, here are some affiliate programs that I am signed up with.

ShareASale - They have a list of thousands of companies to sign up with. each company you sign up with provides you with affiliate links to promote and photos/banners. And each company has a different commission rate. SharASale is number 1 on my list of affiliate programs. I am currently signed up with about 7 companies, sign up with as many as you like. Sign up!

Swaayed - This program doesn't have many campaigns, but what I like about it is that it's a paid per click program. Yup, you get paid each time someone clicks on the link you share. Sign up!

Pumpables Milk Genie - If you're a breastfeeding advocate, this may be right for you. Pumpables is looking for more affiliates to promote their new breast pump. Sign up!

Airbiotics - This is a company that sells all purpose, eco friendly, non-toxic, allergy free cleaner. Sign up!

Blog Dash - Blog Dash is a site where, you set up a profile with details about your blog, etc. And basically, companies can view it and see if they want to pay you for reviews. can search for companies and contact them first. Sign up!

Tips for promoting affiliate links

This is pretty easy, but if you're not up for promoting links, banners, photos, etc.; as if you own the business yourself, then this isn't for you. Promoting on all social media platforms, using the affiliate links assigned to you help you get sales.

That's why it's important to ONLY promote products/companies you actually like. Most companies will actually send you samples of their products, which is great, because you want your audience to see that you actually use the product you're promoting.

Another way to promote is by using banners or photos on your website for visitors to click on. you can attach your affiliate link to the photo and it will lead people directly to the website of that company.

Engage with your audience. Make them feel like they NEED whatever it is you're promoting. Ask them questions like..."what products do you use?" "have you ever tried ______?"

Signing up for affiliate programs is the easy part, making sales is where the hard work comes in. But if you are dedicated, you can bring in the cash.