Things that don't determine low supply

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Many moms only assume, without actual proof, they have a low supply. Some even say they don't know why they think their supply is low. And others have a list of reasons why they believe this. 

The ones with a list of reasons, usually list things that are actually quite normal, and in fact, don't have a low supply at all. 

1. My baby is always hungry

I believe that people are used to seeing formula fed babies, who eat less often than breastfed babies. So they think they don't make enough milk because baby nurses often. Nursing often is normal breastfed baby behavior.

Plus, they don't just nurse for hunger. 

2. When I pump, I'm not pumping enough

What's enough? I find that most moms who say this, are pumping at east 3oz, which is average (1-4oz is average). And a baby's stomach isn't very big. Also, pumping is no indication of how much milk is produced. It's only what the pump can't get out. Pumping is not as efficient as a baby nursing, and they get more when nursing. 

3. I used to pump 6oz, now I only pump 4

More than likely, a mom who says this is a mom who was pumping before her supply regulated. Which can take 6 weeks or longer. And the reason for the "decrease" is simply because her supply has regulated to her baby's needs. 4oz is more than enough. 

4. My baby cries when I try to nurse

There are way so many reasons why a baby would cry when nursing. Like Thrush, a growth spurt, being tired, having gas, is over stimulated, or is used to getting bottles without being pace fed. So baby is upset about milk not coming out fast enough. But crying at the breast does not mean "I'm hungry." Learn what your baby's different cries are. 

5. My breasts don't feel full

They aren't supposed to. Empty breasts make milk. If they are full all the time, milk production slows down. The more you "empty" the more milk you'll continue to make. Milk doesn't just dry up over night. 

Trust your body ladies!

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