The Shift

The shift. It's happening in every aspect of my life, including my blog. Major changes are happening for me spiritually.

I have recently been experiencing a blockage. Over the past month or so, it has been hard for me to think, to concentrate, to meditate, to workout...I can feel that my chakras are closed and under performing, which makes it hard to relax. And some days, I even lack the motivation to do the things I need or want to do.

There are clearly some things that I need to work on within myself, however finding out what those things are has been difficult, until this morning. I was drawn to pull some cards for myself and they read me for filth. They told me everything that I had been going through, and what I needed to do to fix it.

Three of Crystals card reversed/upside-down.

It told me I needed to be more consistent with plans I've made. This hit the nail on the head because I've been slacking on completing videos for my herbalism course, yoga, etc. It told me it was time for me to make some changes and to let my mind marinate on projects I set out to complete so I can execute them.

The Universe card reversed.

It confirmed that I have been slacking, and that I haven't been using my gifts to my fullest potential, and how I've been avoiding completing things. It's true. I'm a perfectionist. If I don't feel like something is done correctly, I'll sit on it until I decide to work on it again. It's a cycle that I repeat and next thing you know, a whole year has gone bye.

The Magician card

This card was the conclusion. The answer to everything. It told me to reflect on my inspiration. To explore my skills, to stay grounded and balanced and well; to get my shit together. That I already posses the the things that I can share with the world and that I should just go ahead and share them.

Funny how all of this came about after I was messaged by someone who asked if I was available to be a mentor for her while on her journey to becoming a yogi, practicing meditation, and her spirituality. I said yes of course.

Helping other people in turn, helps me. I hear you universe. I'm ready.

If you'd like a reading, click here.

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