The Last Few Weeks - 34wks and beyond

The Last Few Weeks

34 weeks and beyond

September 10, 2016: 35wks Pregnant

At my doctor’s appointment on June 7th, when I was 21wks and 3 days along, I had my anatomy scan done. Baby J was head down, and I was glad to hear that. Fast forward to my 30wk appointment, and we learned that baby J was no longer head down. As a matter of fact, he was transverse. His head was on the left and his feet were on the right. But…I was not worried at that point, because he still had plenty of time to flip. On Wednesday, September 7th, at 34wks and 4 days, the nurse practitioner listened to baby J’s heartbeat. And guess what? Baby J is still transverse, but this time, his head is on the right and his feet are on the left.

Now I begin to worry a little. Although all is not lost, because I know as a medical professional that there are options to get baby to flip, it is still very discouraging. I am determined to everything I can to avoid having a c-section. A c-section should always be the last resort. Today, I will be trying the Breech Tilt method using an ironing board. I’m going to place one end on the couch, and the other end on the floor. This is something that I just recently heard about, and according to those who have done it, it’s works. We shall see…three times a day for 10-15 minutes at a time. Wish me luck…I have a doctor’s (ultrasound) appointment the day before my birthday, I will be discussing all options with my doctor.

September 23, 2016: 36wks Pregnant

A couple of weeks have passed. My last apt. was supposed to be on September 21st, but due to both providers not being available, my appt. was rescheduled for today, the 23rd (tomorrow I’ll be 37wks pregnant). For the past 2-3 days, I have been experiencing lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. Lou (the nurse practitioner) checked me for dilation, low and behold baby boy is not only head down, but I am 2cm dilated…hurray!! Now, I don’t know if all of the tricks I tried is what caused him to finally go back to being head down (hanging upside down, using ice packs at the top of my abdomen to make baby J move down, having his father talk to him at the base of my pelvic area, etc.), but I am sure am happy he decided to turn. Now, I can continue my plans for my unassisted home water birth.

September 27, 2016: 37wks Pregnant

Although I don’t mind the extra weight, because I plan on keeping the majority of it…this is the most I have ever weighed. I can tell due to my knees and ankles being weak. Sometimes, I can barely make it to the bathroom without feeling as if my knees will buckle. So far, I have gained over 40lbs. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would be considered overweight for my height. As someone who is used to working out on a daily basis, it’s making me anxious to have baby J so I can get my energy workout routine back. I was doing fine up until the last 6wks, my workouts have decreased due to me constantly being out of breath.

September 30th, 2016: 38wks Pregnant

After waiting all week for my last ultrasound, guess what? I missed my doctor’s appointment. Because my last appointment got pushed back, this one had no choice but to be scheduled on a day I’m not used to…a Friday. I usually go on Wednesdays. Not only did baby J’s father leave work early to go to the appointment, she show up 45 minutes after they closed. My appointment was at 10:45am, not 1:45pm. I don’t know how I got so thrown off…pregnancy brain maybe? I was actually curios to see if I dilated any more, and was looking forward to seeing my lotus baby again.

October 2nd, 2016: 38wks Pregnant

Where do I start? First let me labor did not go as planned. I was disappointed, yet happy. Here's what happened...

At 11am Saturday morning, I sprung a little leak. Not enough for me to worry, so I went on about my day. But as the nxt few hours passed, I knew for sure it was my water. So I put on a liner to be sure. It was wet, but still not enough to make me worry. By the time11:30pm came, that's when I felt a nice gush

Me: "My water hasn't broken completely, but it's definitely leaking. I honestly think I'm contracting but just don't know it"

Him: "let's go to the hospital to make sure."

Me: "ok, but were coming home after that, I don't want to stay there."

Him: "ok."

We got to the hospital a little after 12am. They confirmed my thoughts, I was contracting but didn't feel a thing. I planned to chill until I dilated more (I was 3cm when I got there), but as I suspected, they tried to convince me to stay. I wasn't having it! But then they started scaring him telling him if I leave, baby J & I could get an infection. She even had the nerve to tell him that the baby could die. So now, Dwight is looking at me like like "fuck that, we're staying." And I said "Why would you tell him that? Now you scared him into not wanting to birth at home. I get it, my water has been leaking for hours. But me being here in this setting is stressing me out & is the cause of my labor being slowed up. I AM NOT COMFORTABLE HERE! And I know you can't keep me if I don't want to be here. Not only that, my doctor isn't even on call, and you expect me to let some stranger who knows nothing about me to come & deliver my baby?

I went off on them. After seeing the fear on his face (thanks to one of the nurses), and after being so frustrated, I said "I'll stay, and don't think you're gonna try to cut me either. But if I say I'm going home, that's it, do NOT attempt to stop me!" Then I turned to him & said "if I say I'm ready to go, then we’re leaving.

I let my anger get the best of me. I played myself because I know I could’ve gotten up & went home & birthed the way I planned. But I could see the fear in his face, that hurt my soul. I knew he was worried and there was nothing I could say to make him feel better. One nurse in particular, Kathy, handled my anger very well, and even though I did not want to stay, she made me feel like I was safe with her. She was the only nurse (out of who knows how many) I saw that night who I felt I could trust. Once I calmed down, I started progressing. Slowly, but still progressing.

I eventually started feeling contractions & still refused pain meds. I told one of the nurses not to even THINK of offering it to me again. The thought of a needle near my spine is way scarier than a natural birth. For other people, it’s the opposite. As my contractions got stronger, Kathy went above and beyond. She massaged my back, got me a yoga/birthing ball, a squat bar and brought me some popsicles since they wouldn’t let me eat. I was starving!!I finally felt the urge to push. At that point, nobody was in the room but me & Dwight. The nurse who convinced me to stay ran to grab the doctor (who didn’t come on time). The other nurses tried to get prepared but it was too late. I said "he's coming, I'm pushing now!" I pushed and out he popped onto the bed "my baby!" I screamed. So...I basically had an unassisted birth anyway. Not in water or at home like I planned...but still, unassisted and with no pain meds. The other nurses were finally ready to finish the job & the doctor came in AFTER I pushed him out. Then had the nerve to say "you did good!" How the fuck do you know? You weren’t even in here.

Him: "I'm glad we stayed, but seeing how everything went, we could've stayed home. Baby I PROMISE, nxt time...we'll have a water birth. But I am glad we stayed because I wouldn’t have known what to do. I’m glad Kathy was here."

He knew I was upset. I only stayed because of him. I went in the bathroom & cried, baby is here (12:12pm 6lbs 4oz), healthy, with a head full of curly hair & picked his head up 3 times within the first minutes of life. My baby is STRONG. Jai Xion Reed, you have arrived!!

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