The Flower Box

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

It's almost time!

My daughter is 12 years old and I know that any day now, mother nature will visit her. The majority of the women in my family got a little visit from mother nature around the age of 12 and 13. For me, it happened during the summer of 1999, two months before my 13th birthday.

My daughter knows she can come to me about anything. I don't sugar coat things, I am an open book. Specifically because I never want her to feel ashamed or embarrassed about the changes that are happening to her. So I decided to create a Flower Box for her.

The Flower Box will have the essentials she will need to properly care for herself, along with some other things that she can enjoy. Fir things first, pads and liners. I will eventually teach her about the use of tampons but for now, she will learn how to properly use pads and liners. The difference between absorbency and when liners are necessary.

I myself use U by Kotex products and I just recently found their Tween line and their fitness line.

Snacks, Project 7 Gummies to be exact. We love these, so I figured I 'd throw a pack of gummies in the box...

Along with some gum too!

I love St. Ives Oil Scrubs. So I added one of those to the box too. She will not only need to care for her feminine parts, but she will need to start taking care of the rest of her body as well. Even more so now than ever.

Smelling good and being clean is extremely important once mother nature makes her appearance. I got a travel sized deodorant, because she can take this with her to school, etc.

And during that time of the month, we should pamper ourselves.

One other important thing I wanted to include, was something she could personally identify with. Over the years, she will often mention how she doesn't see enough black people on tv. "Mommy, how come every time I see a commercial, I never see any black kids?" I never know what to say. But it hurts me to know that she notices that she doesn't see many ppl that look like her. In movies, in books, on ads in stores, etc.

Color My Fro by Crystal Sawin-Bates in a coloring book with images of black women with natural hair, just like my daughter. She has recently learned how to love her hair and I was happy when I found this book.

Team Natural!

I then stumbled across Poems for the Smart, Spunky, and Sensational Black Girl by Rachel Garlinghouse. It's full of short poems, that are encouraging and uplifting.

Poems that will make her even more proud of who she is.

These are things that she deserves to see!

Earlier this year I bought her some books that explained puberty and all the changes that happen to your body. If you want to prepare your daughter for that special day, I suggest creating a Flower Box for her. Include things she likes and things she needs, as well as openly talking about what it's like to become....a woman.

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