Taste of Atlanta 2015

Updated: Jan 5

Ahh, Taste of Atlanta once again. 2015 was even better, why? Because this time, I got VIP tickets to the VIP area (alcohol tasting area). And this time, it was just Dwight and I. Only bad part was the rain, but it wasn't too heavy and didn't last long. But we put on our ponchos and kept it moving. This was his first time going, we didn't even know each other existed the year before lol. He's a foodie like I am, so this was exciting for him.

This year was slightly different as far as the tickets go. Instead of tear away tickets, you get a wrist band which has a chip inside for your taste points (digital tickets). Good idea, because who wants to walk around carrying tickets when you're trying to eat!

When you walk into the VIP area, you have to show your I.D. of course, then they hand you two glasses. Basically, you just walk around holding your cup out and wait for one of the vendors to pour you a drink lol. Besides being in a wine and spirits store, I have never been surrounded by so many alcoholic drinks in my life! Wine, Beer, Tequila...EVERYWHERE!

After that, we went to sample foods from the vendors. One of my favorite vendors was there again...Suno!

As expected, the food was tasty. There very few foods that didn't taste so good, but most of them were delicious. And unless I happened to miss them the year before, there were quite a few Asian restaurant vendors this year. There was Thai and Japanese cuisine...sooo yummy!

I bought a Taste of Atlanta mug, ig you follow me on social media, you may have seen it in a few pictures. I'm a tea lover and I drink tea just about every morning. It's my coffee. Anyway, Taste of Atlanta is a great event to go to with friends and family, including the kids. Just don't bring them into the VIP area lol. They won't allow you to anyway.


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