Respect Other People's Beliefs

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

If you are religious, or Christian to be specific, ask yourself this question.

"Do I assume that everyone believes what I believe?" Before I continue, if you are easily offended, then you might as well stop reading now. If you have been following my blog, you might notice that I don't talk about religion. It's a topic I avoid at all costs. Anyway...

The reason I want you to ask yourself that question, is because I don't think anyone actually considers the fact that other people do not have the same beliefs as they do. Yesterday, one of my followers commented on my post. The post was a photo of my son's arm with a red string tied around it and a $20 dollar bill. I stated that a woman who worked at the local donut shop tied it around his wrist and said it was for good luck. This follower commented and said she did not believe in luck, but she had her children blessed at church. I said I understood, and that I was the opposite, and how my kids grandmother wants to take them to church and how I was against it. Not only did she not reply, she unfollowed me. My issue wasn't the unfollowing, my issue was the unfollowing because I did not believe what she believed.

To be funny, I like to say this:

You pray, I manifest = magic

You wear a cross, I wear crystals = energy

You drink pretend blood, I make moon water = ritual

What's the difference?

In fact, I even messaged her and called her out about it, then blocked her because I didn't need or want a response. What's funny is that people are cool with you until you don't have the same beliefs. I find this to be something that a lot (I did not say all) of Christian people do this. They will disassociate themselves if others don't believe. Let me add, I am not an atheist nor am I a devil worshiper. In fact, I don't even think the devil exists, just bad energy. Years ago, I had a friend who would party with me (keep in mind, she is the one who introduced ME to the Atlanta nightlife), drink with me and just hang out. The more she dove deep into her religion, she became judgmental. "I don't think you and your boyfriend should live together, it's a sin." You know, that kind of shit.

One day I was out picking some of the roses in my front yard when the neighbors came over to chat. The conversation went left when the husband asked "what church do you all go to?" What made him assume that I went to church anyway? Then he proceeded to say that we should come to their church sometime. Never once did he think that maybe, JUST MAYBE I don't go to church at all. For all he knew, we could be a Buddhist, or Muslim. He just ASSUMED that we were Christians. That is one of the most annoying things ever. I look at religion and beliefs as something that is a sacred and private as asking a woman when she will have children. Nobody thinks of the reasons behind why she may not have any yet. Or of she even wants any at all.

And I didn't just randomly come to the decision to not believe. I "went undercover" for lack of a better phrase. I like to think of it like Omar Epps in the movie In Too Deep. The longer he was undercover, the more he became a street n-word. I went to church, I read the bible from front to back, I prayed, I even got baptized. I really tried to understand it all before so I could figure out if it was for me. After a while, I got sucked in. But soon after, I had an epiphany, I realized that none of those things made me a better person, and many of the unanswered questions didn't sit well with me. So I decided that I would rather think freely for myself, that is when I began to find the answers that I needed when it came to my purpose in life.

People don't have to have the same beliefs to be friends. One of my good friends is a Christian. Because we respect each other's beliefs, we are able to have open conversations about it. He asks me questions, and vice versa. And at the end of each conversation, he says "you know I have love for you, and I'm gonna keep you in my prayers anyway." And guess what? I respect it. I appreciate the fact that he doesn't let the difference in beliefs define our friendship.

So for anyone, no matter what you believe, I need you all to think about what you're going to say before you say it, and stop assuming. Because when a person who doesn't have the same beliefs as you tells you that they don't, you're offended. As if people aren't free to believe what they want.

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