National Opinion Network Harassing Breastfeeding Moms and Moms of stillborn babies?

Updated: May 9

After having your baby, did you received a letter from a company called The National Opinion Network? I did. It seemed like a regular survey wanting to know about my experience at the hospital and they'd pay me $50. It gave the option of completing the survey online, or filling out the form. I did it online because I knew I wouldn't remember to mail off the letter.

I completed the survey, which asked more about how I fed my son, forgot all about it and months later, I got the $50 check. After getting the check, I decided to Google them. The first thing I saw was "Do NOT answer National Opinion Network survey - Mothering Forums"

Naturally, I wanted to know why, so I clicked the link, only to find that many moms had gotten the same survey. Apparently, they send this survey out to find out if your hospital is baby (breastfeeding) friendly. They ask questions like "were you offered formula?" and "are you supplementing?" Even after stating that I was ONLY breastfeeding, it still asked me what kind of formula I used. The more research I did, the more I found out.

It seems as though they are seeking to find out which hospitals are breastfeeding friendly, so they can convince them to start offering moms formula. While there is nothing wrong with choosing formula, offering samples can ruin a breastfeeding moms nursing relationship. And can be the cause of her wanting to give up breastfeeding early on. Especially new moms! A new breastfeeding mom more than likely already doubts that she makes enough milk (only 2% of women in the world can't produce milk, so not making enough is very unlikely), so giving her formula to take home, to have at arms reach is sabotage.

Anyway, a couple of days after getting the $50 check, I got another letter from The Nation Opinion Network. It was another survey, and just like last time, I had the choice to do it online on fill out a form.

And for the sake of writing this post for the breastfeeding world to see, I did the survey to show you what they ask. Which I expected to be a little different this time. Like a follow up to the first one I did.

For the second time around, I'm telling them that I am breastfeeding only! And after answering questions about baby food, they asked this...

Didn't I already say I was breastfeeding only? I never said I purchased formula! Because of my answer, this shouldn't even have popped up.

Why does this even matter? Although I have gotten samples and coupons in the mail, thanks to baby registries sharing emails addresses and mailing addresses with other companies, they were tossed in the garbage or donated.

Now they want to know what brands I got in the mail. Why? So you can have them send me more?

Sigh! What pissed me off even more, they are harassing moms who lost their babies. I don't know what their system is like, but they are also sending these surveys to moms of stillborn babies, reminding them of the child they never got to bring home.

They need to be stopped! As if the survey wasn't enough, moms of stillborn babies are feeling horrible about the loss of their children thanks to The National Opinion Network. And oh yea. I appreciate the 50 bucks but, I'm still breastfeeding ONLY. Sorry to disappoint you.