My Decision To Homeschool

Updated: May 9, 2020

I never thought I'd be a homeschooling mom, and it wasn't an easy decision to make. I knew that it would be a lot of work, especially because I have to little ones, and trying to homeschool a teenager on top of caring for them can be overwhelming. Here are the factors that played a part in my decision to homeschool.

When Janya was in elementary school, she was on honor roll, and could read on a higher level than students in her grade. Fast forward a few years, and she started falling behind. She would even lie about not having homework, and it was hard for me to be involved with school like I used to because of work. As time went on, her grades got worse. When I tried to get on her on the right track, she simply was unbothered and obviously didn't care about her education. I can guide, but I can't force her to do anything. As parents, no matter how we raise our children, they will still do whatever they want to do. I kept warning her about how her future would look if she doesn't get it together, and next thing you know, she had to repeat the 5th grade. Now she suddenly cared, temporarily. Her friends left for middle school and she was stuck doing the same grade over again.

(homeschool includes yoga and meditation. Even the babies like to participate)

Fast forward to middle school, she dealt with bullying, as she had when in elementary school in Atlanta before moving here to Mississippi. A boy of the bus slapped her in the face after she repeatedly told him to leave her alone. There were also some girls on the bus bullying her. Now don't get me wrong, my child is no punk. She has always stood up for herself. Her school in GA had the nerve to say they didn't consider it bullying because she fought back. Utter bullshit! Anyway, there was also an incident where a student committed suicide, and another incident where the school sent out a vague email assuring us that school grounds were safe due to police being on site, but failed to say why they were there.

I had to find out from Janya that a student uploaded a video on snapschat saying he was gonna shoot up the school. On a different occasion, they found a gun in another student's bookbag.

So yeah, it was time for her to get out of there. All of those incidents on top of her clearly needing to learn at her own pace, and not like a robot learning on the same level as everyone else, is what helped me decide that it was time for ME to take control of her education.

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