MommyCon Atlanta 2017

Updated: Jan 5

MommyCon was more exciting for me this time. Probably because I'm expecting again, and I was looking forward to seeing all the things I would want for baby girl. 

It was my second MommyCon event, but my first time being on the media team. And that was cool!

After registering, just ahead were a few large cardboard posters with a list of sponsors, the schedule for the day and a map of where everything was. 

I went to the area where they had the gift bags, and I picked up my media bag and my general admission bag. I took a seat so I could take a quick peek inside each bag. I couldn't wait to see all the goodies.  

The first session I planned on attending was called Stay at Home Parent, Now What? hosted by Bryttany Hyde. 

Bryttany is the creator of Hustle or Hyde blog. She discussed her experience as a stay at home mom, and gave a few tips on how to handle being a stay at home mom. It's a lot of work can be overwhelming. You are responsible for keeping your kids alive, keeping up the house and trying to stay sane; all in one day. I myself am a working stay at home mom, running five businesses, my blog, being pregnant with a toddler, twelve year old and grown child (my significant other lol). 

The next session I attended was Kid Friendly Herbs with Mary Bove. 

Mary is associated with Gaia Herbs, a company that has a 350 acre farm for gorwing herbs. How cool is that? Not only am I all for natural remedies, I love to garden. Mary mentioned a few herbs that I am currently or plan on growing soon. 

The Snack Station

The Snack Station was filled with goodies for babies and adults. My son's favorite are the Peeled Snacks "Peas Please" I enjoy them as well. 

I loved the Feeding Lounge.

As a lactation consultant, I am all for breastfeeding. I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I see other moms nursing their little ones. It's such an awesome bonding experience. 

I visited the Evenflo Lounge twice to nurse Jai. The table contained nursing essentials like milk storage bags, nursing pads, snacks and more. There was also a privacy tent, provided by Oasis Lactation Services. I didn;t get a photo of that because there were moms nursing near it, and I did't want to make anyone uncomfortable with me taking photos. I also didn't want to look like a creep lol.

I grabbed a few products to take home. 

Including some cool buttons with breastfeeding quotes on them. 

The Selfie Spot is always fun! You can't pass the Selfie Spot and NOT take take a selfie. 

MommyCon Shoppe

Toys, t-shirts, washable sanitary napkins, name it, the MommyCon Shoppe had it. 

I spotted a few toys to get Jai for Christmas. And I got myself a cup. 


I was admiring Keekaroo's cool looking chair. I grows with your baby which is cool. And it's comfortable. It's definitely a must have product. 

Crane USA

The air in our house is really dry. So when Jai was just a few months old, Dwight went to Babies R Us and found A Crane humidifier. Since Jai's nursery is elephant themed, he purchased the elephant humidifier. It's quiet, which is important and cute! They had a variety of humidifiers, including other animals. The frog and sheep are so cute. 

*I didn't realize I caught her in the middle of chowing down lol*

Bijou Wear

I collect mugs, and the first thing I saw was this teeny tiny mug and I just HAD to snap a photo of it. Bijou Wear sells baby carriers, blankets and more!


I like exploring teething options. 

After checking out some of the vendors, I headed over to Vagina Village. By the way, thank you to everyone who complimented my outfit. I bought it specifically for MommyCon. It wasn't a maternity outfit (I've never purchased maternity clothes), but I made it work. 

The Fun Factor: Exploring Birth Options through Interactive Play with Betsy Shawrtz. She was also a vendor, her station was Birth in The Know.

Betsy is the creator of the board game Down The Canal. Who knew a game about birthing could be so fun and educational? The ladies had a great time playing. Betsy, thank you for creating Down The Canal. I definitely need to host a parenting party featuring Down The Canal.

Loss Mama Sanctuary with Ambyr Amen Ra

I'm always open to talk about my pregnancy losses. This was a great therapeutic session, that gave moms a chance to finally open up about their experiences as moms of angel babies. If you are someone who experienced a loss, join Ambyr's Facebook group The Loss Mama Sanctuary . 

After that session, I hurried back towards the vendor exhibit to check out some more vendors before they packed up. Many were already gone, a few were packing or just about to start packing. I rushed to Betsy's table to make sure I had her information. 

I stopped by Renzo's. My daughter sampled some of the vitamins, I grabbed a card and quickly took a photo so I didn't hold them up. 

Lastly, I checked out Kinzingo Kids. I remember briefly visiting their website the day before. And I was interested in trying their product. 

I purchase two spoons, one for Jai and one to send to my sister for my nephew who is about 2 months younger than Jai.  

Just like my first experience, MommyCon was great! Atlanta was the last event of the year, and I am so looking forward to 2018. 

Here's what I got in my media gift bag and my general admission gift bag.