How to get more out of your strawberry plant - runners

Strawberry plants like to propagate. If you've ever grown strawberries, more than likely, you've seen runners or stolons.

Runners are the long vines that grow from the mother plant.

I have 3 long runners growing from my strawberry plant. They're at least 2 1/2 feet long.

The bad thing about runners is that they use up a lot of energy, which can prevent the mother plant from growing bigger strawberries.

The good thing is that the runners allow you to grow NEW strawberry plants. Yup! If you've got runners, you can continue growing strawberries, without planting seeds. If you leave runners on long enough, you'll see that they begin to sprout new plants. All of my runners have about 3 new growths, so...this means I can plant 6 strawberry plants. On each new plant, roots will begin to grow.

You can begin plant your new strawberry plants a few different ways. I prefer to leave the runners attached and place the new plants in mesh seedling bags. You can get 100 of these bags on Amazon for less than $5.00.

I filled the bags with soil, watered it, and used ribbon to tie them to hold the plants in place. I made sure the roots were in the soil but left enough room for the leaves to stick out of the top of the bags.

Although each runner has 3 new plants on them, I could only bag 4 because the other 2 aren't as big, so I'll wait until they're a little bigger with longer roots.

You can even place the plants in water until bigger roots grow. But I like the bag method. I put them in seedling trays so I can easily water the soil in the bags.

After the roots grow longer, cut your runners by cutting as close to the mother plant as you can.

Then you can place the new plants in it's new home. Make sure it's a planting pot with good drainage. I spray painted these buckets and drilled holes in the bottom of them. I got them last year for $1 each at The One Spot at Target (yes, the section in the front of Target with all the cute, cheap items has a name lol).

This is only a few days after I wrapped them in the mesh bags with the soil. The roots grew long enough for me to be able to transfer them in pots. I could have waited for the roots to grow a bit longer, but this is long enough for it to take root in it's new home.

I mentioned that each of my 3 runners had 3 new plants on them. So...I left those on and once those begin to sprout roots, I will repeat the process of bagging them until they are ready to be transferred to pots.

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