Growing Ginger

I had been thinking about growing ginger for quite some time. But I never got around to it, until...

I was cleaning out my fruit bowl and I found two small pieces of ginger that I had leftover and clearly forgot about. Each piece was about 2 inches long. And one started to sprout. So, I decided to plant them. I out the two pieces in a one gallon container in early December.

By January 5th, the ginger was growing nicely. 

Three days later, January 8th, it grew even more. 

I took another photo on January 23rd and you could see the difference. It was even taller. Ginger grows nice and fast. And I didn't do anything special. I water it once every few days and keep it by the back door nxt to my lemon tree. That's where we get the most sunlight. 

On January 25th, I repotted the ginger. I could smell the fresh ginger as I removed it from the pot. I could see how much the ginger had grown from the two inch pieces, it was much bigger now. I added some compost to the bottom of the pot and replanted the ginger so that the pot was full to the top. 

I'm still debating, but I may repot it again to a larger container in a few months. But for now, I'll leave it where it is. And I'll put it outside once it gets warmer. Ginger doesn't do well in the cold. 

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