Grand Cayman Islands

Updated: Jan 5

Throughout the year, mainly in the summer, my family goes on vacation. This is something my grandmother has been doing since I was a kid. I spent my summers with my grandparents every year.

When I was a kid, it was tradition to go to Disney. We would hop in the van (between 10-15 of us, uncles, cousins, aunts, foster kids etc.) and drive to Florida from New York. When I became a teenager, we started going to Aruba every summer. This was a change, The Grand Cayman Islands in 2010. And it was beautiful!

It's also where my daughter learned how to swim. Like myself, she was a natural. We even went snorkeling and she loved it.

We also went to the turtle farm. They were HUGE! By the way, if you're wondering who the white boy is, yes...he's family lol. He is one of the many children my grandparents adopted. Him and his two brothers (who weren't with us), the bandoleros as my grandmother likes to call them, were the last kids they adopted.

And...I won the dance contest at our hotel lol you can see the sweat glistening on my was HOT!

Although the trip was fun, it got scary real fast. The Cayman Islands is HOT! And even though it's kid friendly as far as things to do, it's not very friendly to asthmatic children. One day during our vacation, my daughter's breathing became very shallow. Thankfully, my aunt who is a pediatrician was there. She did all she could until she said "we need to go to the hospital. My daughter's breathing became so shallow, it looked like she wasn't breathing at all. Then, her body became limp. Being that I am in the medical field, I learned not to panic...but this was my baby. My only child at the time. We got directions to the hospital by a police officer, who then decided..."fuck the directions, just follow me!"

We made it to the E.R. and thank goodness, it was empty. We carried her limp body into the E.R. and I was instantly vexed as I was asked to fill out a stack of papers while my daughter was slowly losing her life. The police officer yelled in his thick caribbean accent "don't you see this baby girl dying and you have the nerve to ask her mother to fill out papers! What the fuck is wrong with you!" The security guard came over to tell him to calm down and I kid you not, the police officer said "shut your mouth before I cut your tongue out!" Deep down inside, I wanted to laugh, but it wasn't the time or place.

After that, he went through the double doors and came back with a doctor following behind him. My daughter got treated and she was fine, the next day, but not 100%. And I must add, that the hospital bill, including her meds was less than $300! If we were in America, I could only imagine how expensive it would have been . Thankfully, we were going home about two days after that.

We said our goodbyes (as you can see, my aunt was smiling so hard to keep from crying, she was going home to NY while we went home to GA). Aside from my daughter being sick, we had a great time.

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