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Updated: May 9, 2020

When I see fellow bloggers, I am always curious to know why they chose to blog. Some people blog because it's something to occupy their time, and some people blog because they are very passionate about something.

Well, I blog because I have a lot to say and I have a lot of information that NEEDS to be shared. My blog is not only about spreading knowledge based on my background as a medical professional, lactation consultant, etc., it's about my life as a mother, as a business owner and as a woman.

But why would I want people to read about your personal life?

Hmm, while I am a very private person, I feel as though some things need to be shared. Because women everywhere need to know that they are not a lone. And I am 100% sure, that there is at least ONE woman out there who can relate to me, the things I do, and the things I have experienced. I feel like my purpose in life is to help, encourage and inspire. But trust me, I don't post EVERYTHING about my life. Some things definitely are not meant for the world to see.

So what exactly do I mean when I say I am a medical professional?

That's very vague isn't it?

First let me say, I come from a line of medical professionals, from doctors to nurses. I say medical professional, because I hold multiple titles, it's just easier to say instead of listing EVERY SINGLE license and certification that I have. And just know that I only give advice based on experience and knowledge. If I have no fucking clue about a certain topic, I won't even attempt to give any advice. Unlike many ppl who seem to be ok with giving out bad advice, especially when it comes to parenting and breastfeeding. And being in the Mom Life community, I realized how many women don't know the basics of pregnancy, health and breastfeeding. But put the majority of the blame on the doctors. How do you let your patients go home not knowing specific things?

What have I done in the medical field?

Before I went to college, I started out as a HHA (Home Health Aid) making $6.25/hour. Yup! Only $6.25, that was in 2005. I'm also a PCT (Patient Care Tech), CMA (Certified Medical Assistant), EKG Tech, Phlebotomist, Lab Tech, Certified Medical Billing & Coding Specialist...I think I'm forgetting something. But you get the picture. I have worked the front desk and behind . I have worked in dermatology, children's health, women's health, physical therapy, and more. Including plastic surgery. I remember my first day in the plastic surgery department in a hospital in Duluth, GA. I wasn't even there for 30 minutes before I was injecting a woman's breast with a huge needle with a solution in it. Apparently, she had issue with a previous breast implant and had an infection.

Oh, I'm also CPR and First Aid certified. Hell, having all of this under my belt, I should have just been a damn doctor. Anyway...

I just want to share my thoughts with the world. I feel like it's my duty to share my knowledge.

Fun Facts About Me

  • Cubanese means Cuban, Black and Japanese (my great grandmother)

  • Despite what I look like in pictures, I'm on 5'2"

  • I HATE chocolate, it's disgusting

  • I taught myself how to play the piano & the acoustic guitar

  • Music is my first love, I turned won a record deal at 15 because I just wanted to be a kid

  • I write poetry and I won a Best Poet award when I was 16

  • My best friend and I went joy riding in her mother's car and got caught by her older sister

  • I played basket ball in high school, but not for my school

  • I used to want to be a lawyer

  • My very first business wasn't Cakes Galore Desserts, it was Candy Jewels, I made jewelry

  • I love to read

  • I used to model back in 2008 and got back into it in 2015

  • I was a weed smoker. Yea I said it! But I stopped a few months before I got pregnant with my daughter. The smell of weed actually makes me gag now.

I get the feeling that 2017 is going to be exciting. So if you haven't already, subscribe to my blog via the home page, and check me out on social media:




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