Got a teething baby? Get him/her a Polly Pineapple. I first saw Polly at MommyCon in PA. I knew I HAD to get one for Jai and Jaida. Especially Jaida. 

As soon as I gave it to her, she started gnawing away. Polly is soft but the bumps that resemble what a pineapple really looks like were enough to relieve her itching gums. 

Polly is painted with food grade paint, so there is no need to worry about any chemicals.

Polly Pineapple

Janya is a creator. She is always making something out of nothing. Drawing, making random things with paper clips and rubber bands. So I figured this animation studio would be a great gift. 

I also bought some legos with this so she can make her own animated lego movies. It comes with the camera with microphone, software and a few lego figures to get started. 

Perfect for young teens who may want to upload their animations to YouTube. 

Animation Studio

Oh, I love the Grapple. It's great for road trips and for placing on the highchair. This has kept both Jai and Jaida occupied while I was busy in the kitchen. 

You can hang multiple toys from each tether. I've even used it on the side of the bathtub. 


These socks are mitch match on purpose. Jai loves bugs and animals, so he was excited to wear these socks. 

They're comfy and non-slip. They come in a range of different creatures. 

Pal Socks


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