I love this thing! I had to take a break from using it because I was printing out so many pictures of the kids. 

It's fun for taking and printing photos on the spot when you're visiting friends or family out of town. That way you don't have to worry about having to send them photos later. 

It's great for scrapbooking to. The printer paper is sticky on the back. You can literally peel it off and stick them anywhere. 

HP Sprocket

This is a must-have if you're a yogi. Especially for beginners. Track your progress by writing down different yoga poses. Explain how you felt, describe your breathing and set goals. 

Your Asana Writing Journal

This printer is awesome! It's bluetooth, and I use it whenever I'm in the kitchen. Which is all the time. I need music on while I'm cooking, cleaning or pretty much doing anything. 

Download the HP Printing app and you can print from your phone. I often times have documents emailed to me and it's not always convenient to pull out and log into my laptop. I can print straight from my phone. Especially coupons!

HP AMP with Bluetooth Speaker and Mobile Printing


Life of a wombman

Inspired by tea | Guided by yoga

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