Hi, I'm Princess

Hi, I'm Princess. I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York but I moved to Georgia in 2009 after finishing college. I'm 33, and so far, I am enjoying my 30s. I'm not old, I'm not young. If I could stay this age forever, I would. Anyway, I'm a mother of three. I had my oldest at 18. I ended up getting pregnant in 2004, right after high school. It was interesting being a mom at such a young age, but I did what I had to do. My son was born in 2016 and my seconf daughter was born in 2018. So there's a big gap between my first and second. 

I'm a business owner. I started my first business in 2011. I made custom, one of a kind jewelry. It ended up being something I wasn't passionate about, and soon after, I started my cake business. And since then, I've started several businesses, and even opened my own yoga studio in February of 2019. 

My favorite things to do: Garden, play acoustic guitar, piano, draw, sing, read, dance, skate, swim, and travel. 

Dislikes: Chocolate, pork and people who don't pick up their feet when they walk. 

I am an herbalist, lactation consultant, pole fitness instructor, yogi, and I am a marriage officiant. That's right. I can solemnize marriages. Also, in 2013 I completed a foster parenting course. I do a lot, I'm a Virgo. For some reason we feel the need to accomplish a lot of things. We enjoy the experience. We enjoy being able to help people. We love to learn. I don't think I'll ever stop acquiring knowledge and learning knew skills. 

You won't see many pictures of Dwight due to his job. We met in 2005 in a Facebook group. And here we are, two kids later.

Janya is my oldest. You won't see many photos of her either, She always hides. I started home schooling her last year and I wish I had done it sooner. For us, it's better this way. She loves to create and may possibly be an engineer.

Jai is my baby boy whom I waited so long to have. He's energetic and protective over Jaida. He loves to learn and is very imaginative. 

Jaida is an old soul. She's very independent and smart. She's also stubborn and bossy. She loves to dance and is the funniest one of the three.